Monday, July 28, 2008

FM93.8 Interview and Updates

Dear Pals,

Last week was just fantastic and I got a feeling this week’s gonna be more exciting. First I got off to a great start last Friday morning at Mediacorp 93.8 from 10am-11am at The Living Room. Thank to Stanley Leong, the producer for The Living Room.

For those guys who missed the 93.8 Radio Interview last Friday, you can download the interview here.


We were talking about the Why Companies Fail and How to Rescue it. You can download the Free Report here.


During the interview, we were talking about one of my student from HWA (Handicap Welfare Association). It’s really coincident that HWA is also the adopted charity for FM93.8. For those guy who wish to find out more about how Tony made $600-$1000 in a single month, you can take a look at the special testimonial.

Basically, Tony was able to drive traffic to his blog by getting ranked at the top 2 position of Google for the keyword “Options Trading Blog” and No.3 Position for the keyword “Option Trading Blog”. He used to be No.1 but I guess he slackened a bit.

Here’s the link.




>>> Update For Ultimate SEO Challenge <<<

***************************************** - Singapore Seminar "Ranked No.1" - Singapore Seminars "Ranked No.2"

Google - Not in the top 1,000 yet. But soon.

Good news. I am going to allow Free Posting of Seminar events till we get No.1 position on Google for the keyword "Singapore Seminars" for

This is a good deal as there are good searches for that keyword.

*For more updates on the Ultimate SEO Challenge, please visit:


Important Announcement:

There are many people who feedback to me that the number of emails I send could be pretty overwhelming and some of them are just not seminar junkies or enjoy attending events.

Therefore, I will be asking those who are interested in attending seminars, events, conferences & networking events to subscribe to a new mailing list that only focus on that.

You can do that by visiting and subscribing your email and name to our updates at the left side of the website.

P.S. - Be prepared for a Major Recession that could last for years. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 10 Banks & Financial Institutions have already been Bankrupted in USA and 90 others closely monitored. Major Banks that have exposure in Sub-Prime all made extensive write offs amounting Billions. According to reliable sources, the Sub-Prime exposure is in the range of maybe 2-3 Trillion of dollars so we haven’t really seen the bottom yet.

P.P.S. - According to an interview with George Soros on BBC, he didn’t suffer any major losses and perhaps made a tidy sum. Jim Rogers who got interviewed on Channel U was also smiling and explaining how he avoided the exposure on SubPrime crisis. Moral of the story: “It pays to be in good company”. I’ll be here for you to do that.

P.P.P.S. - My strong advice. If you do nothing now, you’re gonna be dead meat. HDB costs 740K now mind you. Get your butt out and start networking or plan to be your own boss as inflation is going to go higher than your increment.

P.P.P.P.S - Of course, it will also help if you’re joining a company that’s going to get listed or grow really big…like ours. My staffs are in this mailing list too. The last P.P.P.P.S. are for them.

Edmund Ng
CEO, President
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