Friday, July 18, 2008

Singapore, A Dying Country

By Wolfiexx1
Sammyboy Forum

It is getting sickening in a way...

The goverment sector is more profitable than most companies in Singapore.

Town councils have surpluses amounting to millions and millions.

Goverment linked companies are annoucing records profits year in and out, and yet they do not stop raising prices.

Most Singaporean deep in debt, yet country declares billions in surplus.

Oil prices are already so steep, the goverment responses by planting more ERP.

Most country are doing away with petrol taxes and even subsidising petrol prices. In Singapore, nothing is being done.

Goverment speaks nonsense all the time. The debates can go on and on but no ones dares speak againest it.

Protests held all around the world about issues. In Singapore, you have better chances of being charged for illegal gatherings.

Opposition have no credible members, but you cannot blame them. Every good man who wants to make a difference will be made bankrupt by the goverment.

Goverment investments making record losses, yet nothing has been reported. i believe the losses are more wide spread than circulated.

Goverment emphasizes on auditing for companies. Yet auditing for high level goverment sector are almost non existence - think temasek.

Rising food prices, Goverment countered with additional GST.

Crooked goverment policies, stop at 2 policy gone totally awry. Govt have to import FT, who in turn lower down median wages for the normal singaporeans, and old folks having difficulty finding jobs

Income disparity at its largest in a long long time.

Obsence profits are public housing

Allowing people to own cars, but not allowing them to drive(at ease). Pulling people into debts. - I blame the shortsightedness of singaporeans, me including...

Rising rental killing most biz - most smaller biz at breaking points.

Record amount of money being brought out Singapore. Think FT, foreign FLs etc etc

Final throw of the dice - Casino - wonder how many singaporeans will die, attracting foreign high rollers my foot, when the casino opens lets see the ratio of singapore vs foreigners.

No quality/quantity time for family life - what do the govt knows...with their million dollar salary

Public transport modelled after profit margins, and not needs of commuters. How to explain the happily packed buses like sardines in cans.

State controlled media - to ensure the right notes and noises are properganted.


Edmund Ng
CEO, President
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