Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tiers Of Nations

1st Tier Nations with Majority Christian Influences.

Mostly developed countries with low GINI index.
Values Freedom and Democracy
Good welfare and education.
Strong economic development. $$$$ not so important in people's values.
Good Samaritan.
Blessed Nation, low casualties during natural disasters.

2nd Tier Nations with Majority Bohda Worshippers

Some developed countries with much higher GINI index.
With the exception of Japan, Taiwan and PRC-HK. Most nations not concern about Freedom and Democracy and has no concept about it.
You die your own problem. But emphasis on economic development and education. most people valued $$$$ is most important
Cursed nations, always kena natural disasters, heavy casualties.

3rd Tier Nations - majority restrictive Allah worshippers.

Mostly Developing nations
Very strict sariah laws.
No democracy and freedom.
Unstable and unsafe country, Bombs explodes regulary in some. Crappy economic development.
You die your own problem?
Cursed nations, always kena natural disasters, heavy casualties.

4rd Tier Nations - bunch of athesists/communists and gong tau worshippers.

All are developing nations.
Superwide income disparity. Super High GINI index.
Focus on economic development.
Unthinkable freedom and democracy like in China!!
Very messy countries like in Africa.
peasants population are unhappy with the central govt like in China.
One will try to eat another as far as possible like in China.
Values $$$$ more than fair play or concerns for others.
Super Cursed nations, always kena natural disasters, super heavy casualties.

Source: SammyBoy Forum
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