Monday, December 25, 2006

Characteristics of a Unique First World Country:

Characteristics of a Unique First World Country:

90% of donations kept or used by organisation, only 10% for the needy.
80% of people live in govt housing, only 20% live in private housing.
70% of jobs go to foreigners, only 30% go to citizens.
60% of investments go to foreigners, only 40% go to citizens.
50% of business opportunities go to govt, only 50% left for citizens.
40% of busaries, grants and scholarships go to foreigners, only 60% for citizens.
30% of welfare services come from govt, 70% from the people themselves.
20% of people are in the higher income group, while 80% are middle or lower income people.
10% get all the rewards, while 90% are not proportionately rewarded.

Source: YoungPAP Forum.
By User: We Sue Men

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Edmund Ng,
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