Friday, December 22, 2006

Where Are The Heroes?

When I was young, I remember that I enjoyed watching Mask Riders and Ultraman. I knew that even when the good guys came up with set-backs, justice will eventually prevail. Everybody wants to be the good guy, which explains why the departmental stores always stock up more figurines of the good characters. Just for the record, though the department stores stock up the figurines of evil characters, they are mainly used as frustration objects so that you would get a high from trouncing the evil villains. The feeling is just so wonderful.

Fast forward four to five years later, things take a drastic change. It's the 'O' Levels and things began to take a spin. Everybody is frantic about making a drastic attempt in making sure they excel in their results. To them, if they do badly, they're condemned. There are no more fairy tales. Live was real. It's almost life and death. To each it's own. Everybody can't care less for others. Everybody wanted to get a better head start than the others. This is the real time when we unknowingly start our selfish journey.

Many people begin to work hard for their personal goals. Many people begin to see the uglier side of life. Many people begin to realize that it's not what you know but who you know. You don't need to be the best or smartest? You just needed to have the right connections. That is where souls are lost. In order to achieve goals, many have inadvertently sold their conscience and their souls.

We see many of those instances in our daily lives. Even the worst critic can be eventually bought over by promises of wealth and power. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Politicians, businessmen, government servants, anybody you can think of starts betraying their conscience in pursuit of favours, career advancement and money.

One would rather squash their conscience than to admit what they do is wrong. Haven't they read history? Haven't they read the downfalls of empires in history? No empire lasts for a lifetime. No man is a saint. One thing for sure, nothing is certain in life.

"Change is the only constant thing in this world."

A lot of people have told me this before. There is no way things are going to change. Don't day dream. It's not going to happen. Let me tell you one thing. I don't just day dream, I dream at night as well. "In fact, I dream of so many things that my political opponents have nightmares over it."

Ask yourself this question. Are you going to wait for things to happen or are you going to make things happen?

What are we? Who do we think we are? Do you look down on yourself? I know I don't. All I know is that if I think I'm a failure, I would be one. If I thought I am destined for mediocrity I wouldn't have worked hard and achieved my level of success. Despite my handicap in education, I was able to make it up with my Passion, Hardwork and Drive. Why am I here? "I am but a catalyst and a messenger to inspire your awakening."

Did you watch Part 3 of the Lord Of The Rings? Did you watch the part where the hobbit lit up the first of many torches at the top of the hill? There are many that are anticipating and waiting just for the right time. The time is now. All we need is to light up the beacon and there are many others who will join the fight.

It is unfortunate that there are more highly educated individuals who are afraid of taking the first step. Why is it that they fear? Fear is a bigger disease than fear itself.

Look not for your hero but look at the mirror. You are the hero that you're looking for.


Edmund Ng,
CEO, President
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