Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The No.1 Internet Marketing Seminar

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Would you like to get your website ranked No.1 and make considerable amounts of passive income in the process? There is a lot of hype done by many Internet Marketers but many have failed to live up to their expectations despite charging exorbitant fees. That is the main reason why my program comes with 1,000% Money Back Guarantee. Just don’t believe what I have to tell you literally and looked at the website for yourself.

These are real testimonials from real participants from my 1st December Internet Marketing Seminar. Just for the record, I managed to get 112 keywords ranked No.1 and No.2 in less than 3 months. Just click the link below and look at the testimonials. Don’t worry if you have no IT experience. I have a lot of people without IT background attending the seminar and coping just fine. My oldest seminar attendee is 74 years old.



The Singapore Government is going to make Singapore a Wireless Hub. Beginning on Jan 2007, there will be more than 20,000 hot spots catering to free wireless access for the next two years. Why do you think they’re doing that? The internet is really booming and making a lot of people rich. Would you want to have a piece of all that? What if there are ways and means that can help you achieve top rankings in search engines with minimal effort?

Internet Marketing Seminar organized by is targeted at helping you get started with a breeze.

For more information please visit:

Internet Marketing Seminar (The World’s Only Internet Marketing Seminar That Offer’s 1,000% Money Back Guarantee)

(Comes With 6 Months Post Seminar Support – To Make Sure You Succeed)

Participants will also receive high quality Step-By-Step DVD Videos to make sure you can do it.

"The Most Comprehensive Internet Marketing Training Program Ever To Be Launched On The Internet."

29 Step By Step DVD Videos!!!

Video 1 - Basic Introduction of Internet Terminologies / File Structure / Folder Structure / Naming Convention (+ Internet Security Softwares)
Video 2 - Identifying niche markets / Keyword Analysis / Competitor Analysis / How to target the ideal keyword (low-lying fruit)
Video 3 - Purchasing Domains / Hosting
Video 4 - FTP Software / How to do FTP / Understanding Root Folder
Video 5 - Installing Forum / WordPress
Video 6 - How to create / Edit Website in 5 minutes or less
Video 7 - Creating Metatags / Title / Description
Video 8 - Page Rank / Alexa Ranking Explained / Addiing Alexa Toolbar

Video 9 - Article Marketing / Submission
Video 10 - Making your articles rank top of search engines.
Video 11 - Creating content / How to add 10 web-pages of content in less than 5 minutes and build a content rich website.
Video 12 - How to create article directory
Video 13 - Forum Marketing
Video 14 - How to configure Opt In List / Auto Responder
Video 15 - How to do effective copywriting
Video 16 - Creating Link Structure / Link Directory
Video 17 - How not to get banned by Google and other search engines
Video 18 - How to do link exchange with no risk
Video 19 - Configuration of payment gateways like Paypal / 2CO
Advance Internet Marketing Strategies

Video 20 - Get multiple keywords ranked No.1 in Google / MSN / Yahoo
Video 21 - Advanced SEO Strategies
Video 22 - Advanced / Accelerated Linking Strategies
Video 23 - How to make your website complex and sticky
Video 24 - Automate your business and make money while you sleep
Video 25 - Bonus Website Templates / Editing Images / Free Webmaster Resources
Video 26 - How to be successful in affiliate marketing
Video 27 - How to publish Audio + Free Audio Software - New!!!

Resell rights of Seminar and DVDs - New!!!
(Special 8 Hour - Seminar Recording - DVD) New!!!
Video 28 - Yahoo Groups Marketing - New!!!
Video 29 - Safelist Marketing - New!!!

Who Should Attend?
Website Owners / Webmasters
Business Owners
Retrenched or Jobless


Edmund Ng,
CEO, President
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